At present, the social effect on many people for human security guards don't know much, even have prejudices and think that security is a brief guarding, no technical content. In fact, after these years, security technology to prevent effectiveness industry now for civil air defense, by civil air defense of a single person and technology, all kinds of guard under escort, efficacy, and safety risk assessment for the integration of comprehensive security system, it also makes the auxiliary police security greatly improved, has become the order to help the public security organs to maintain social order of an indispensable social security strength.

pk拾  经过多年的展开,无论是运营计划、从业人员的数量,仍是社会影响力,都现已达到恰当的高度。发达国家的保安效力、特保效力业不只计划大、专业化程度高、从业人员数量多,并且出现了许多颇具影响力的闻名保安效力公司。

  After years of development, both operational plan, the number of practitioners, is still the social influence, is now running at the proper height. The security work, safeguard industry of developed countries not only big plans, high degree of specialization, staff number, and many influential famous security effectiveness.


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